Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joshua's Blog Has Come!

My blog has come to me and I want you to see it!! And I want you to come to my house some day after Jacob's birthday and you'll come, Grandpa Nelson and Grandma Nelson. I want you to see it, please.


  1. Joshua,
    Welcome to the world of blogging! Of course, Grandpa & I will come and visit you soon. Not until after Nathan's birthday though. How's school? Are you learning anything new?
    We sure love you! Keep adding to your blog.
    Grandma Nelson

  2. Hey Josh it's so exciting that you have a blog now. I can't wait to see some cool pictures and stuff!

    Love, Brooklyn

  3. Dear Grandma Nelson,
    I will come to you some day. I played and I really got a cookie for to real of I really want to see you.

  4. Joshua,
    Grandpa & I are coming in 8 days:)
    See you soon!

  5. Dear Joshua,
    I'm going to buy you a new something cool from the store for your birthday. It's almost your birthday. Also, I'll buy you a present when it's not your birthday. I can't tell! Happy comment day!
    From Jacob

  6. Joshua,
    I love you! You are such a great helper to me and a wonderful brother too.